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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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To Horace Mann
.      ~ . ,   „ .    ^ O:*?<a
. . . AcUeu t
princes.'    ' Sir, I beg your pardon.'    ' Well, lo-ve kings then ! '    ' Sir, I own I love the lion daws are grown.'   Was it possible to make
r to such simple questions ? ,           ,., , ,
dearest child !
Yours, ten thousand times over. u does not seem to regret his own country.
' ".'
Cohort ny
42.   To HORACE
[The beginning of this letter is lost1.] written and sealed my letter, but have since Another from you, dated Sept. 24. I read Sir account of Corsica; he seems to like healing sent this way—indeed, they seem to have more Delations in general than I could have believed I •ou WJ-U olblige me, too, with any farther account of Bianca ,/olonrxa, : it is romantic, her history! '
1 am. infinitely obliged to Mr. Chute for his kindness to no, and still more for his friendship to you. You cannot hink lio^v -happy I am to hear that you are to keep him oiigCH'. "XTou do not mention his having received my letter rorn JPax-is : I directed it to him, recommended to you. . would not have him think me capable of neglecting to inswoa.- liis letter, which obliged me so much. I will deliver Vmore-voli Ids letter the first time I see him. Lorcl Islay3 dined here; I mentioned Stosch's4 Maltese
K Mr. 'W.'s dog.    Walpole. LKTTIGK.      <12. — x  Note   in  Horace
kincL    of Joan of Arc, who tilie   Coisican rebels against .hoOouoose.       Walpole.
a Aroliilba,lcL Campbell, Earl of Isiiiy, and, on his brother's death, 11 174,1), ID-nice of Argyll. Walpole.— soxx of £rst Duke of Argyll; KtU'l ojF Islay, 1706; succeeded
his brother as third Duke of Argyll, 1743. He was Commissioner for settling the Union of England and Scotland, 1706; headed a loyal regiment, and was wounded at the battle of Sheriffomiir, 1716; Lord Privy Seal of Scotland, 1721-33 ; Lord Keeper of the Great Seal of Scotland, 1734-61; d. 1761.
* Baron Stosch, a Prussian virtuoso, and spy for the court of England on